Sunday, 27 April 2014

DARK EARTH . In final production stages & Post production. ( Updated 30/6/17.)

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Written Produced & Directed by Peter A. Montgomery AKA Peter A. Scott


"A very innovative screenplay with wonderfully imaginative monsters encountered by Edwardian time travelers."

Kevin Connor


 Scottish-born director, screenwriter and old-school FX monster obsessive Peter A. Montgomery is nothing if not determined. His latest project — his most ambitious yet — is a feature film called Dark Earth that offers up monsters, period-set science fiction/fantasy adventure and interplanetary wonder in abundance. Involved in its production is talent from Britain, the US and Australia, and a who’s who list of professional FX designers with a background in Harryhausen-style stop-motion animation and puppetry.

Avery Guerra
(Undead Backbrain.)

Helensburgh film-maker pulls together Hollywood dream team in bid to make sci-fi blockbuster

( Daily Record / Sunday mail.)

Apologies for this bad copy of the STV interview, but it's the only one we have.

Peter A. Montgomery (Photo by Martin Windebank.)

Ro J. Goodwin (Photo by Martin Windebank.)

Brooklyn Finch (Photo by Martin Windebank.)

RIGHT: Michael Francis Dolan ( Photo by Peter A. Montgomery

BELOW: 1997  movie scale miniature ship restoration in progress for this film. Naturally this will be painted, but here's some of the rivets I've been adding in place. There is much work to do in the window area like a frame and glass, also some ladders and the hatches. And of course getting that centre arch straight again. But I thought I'd show you something at this point. There really is no quick way to do this restoration.  Each metal ball rivet has to be added hammer tapped by hand after a hole is drilled and filled with glue. The whole ship now covered with 4632 rivets . Ready for painting and fine details like lights vents windows and so on.

Below: shots from movie



One of the flying reptiles .(Peter A. Montgomery.)



Giant Cephalopod attack. Peter A. Montgomery : live action.  & Ron Cole : Stop motion.


Images of the set being constructed over six months.

Sketch for set...Set up.

Plonked together a quick model of the thing we're starting today, really just to get my head round some of the shapes required before scale up and pristine measuring. The down bars will be incorporated into the main window form not stuck on like here.

Jim Aupperle is an advisor on this movie, and we're very appreciative of him for agreeing to be involved.

Matte painting


                                       STOP MOTION ANIMATORS ON DARK EARTH

Nick Hilligoss

Kent Burton

Durand Greig

Backed by Kevin Connor And Sequence also written by Mr Connor

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